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Project and Program Management

  • Is your project on track and consistently meeting target dates?

  • Are all objectives clearly understood by all stakeholders?

  • Is there adequate funding for the duration of the project?

  • Are there sufficient resources to complete the project?

  • Are stakeholders accepting ownership of project actions?

  • Is adequate training built into the project schedule?

  • Is there fear, uncertainty, or doubt regarding specific aspects of the SARBANES-OXLEY (SOX) compliance?

If your answers to these questions are unclear or doubtful, the time is right for conducting a “health check” on the project. To ensure your investment delivers sought-after results for the future, evaluate the management status of your current project today!

BK Consulting group provides a quick project/program assessment utilizing a proven scoring methodology designed to assist in the identification of areas where projects are strong or weak in project management. Ideally, the status “health check” should be carried out at regular intervals especially at mor decision points to ensure no loss of expertise and progress in addressing areas of weakness.

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